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(This private page is for TOMS only. Enjoy!!)

Dear TOMS,


Thank you for being the greatest movement on Earth: spreading the spirit of giving.


What if we could also spread a fun spirit of joy along the way?

(See videos below)

For example, what if the end of each workday on giving trips culminated with fun little dance celebrations with everyone? Videos of all the joyful faces would inspire millions of smiles around the world, and spread a spirit of contagious happiness by just groovin' for fun without judging yourself or others.

Like most people today, I used to be too self-conscious to dance. But if I can change, anyone can, and I love teaching people the keys. Just as everyone can exercise their body into better shape regardless of their athletic ability, EVERYONE can rock their soul into a better mood every day regardless of their musical ability. No talent required. No judging allowed. Just have fun. Just Groove.

The first 2 videos below are examples of me spreading joy. Below that are videos of a funky party I host every Sat night in L.A. that I'd love for you to come to & feel the joy!!

Oh, and the only reason I'm not dancing in TOMS shoes in these videos is because you don't make my size 15 yet, lol!! Hope to meet you soon, thanks!!

Just Groove,

Robert Corbett

(Tyler Ramsey's roommate in LA when we moved here from college 20 years ago, lol.)


BELOW: dance-off with a baby!! But wait til Grandma grooves at the end!! My gig as a one-man band at this mall turned into a dance party, as all my gigs do because I love getting people groovin!! 

BELOW: feel the joyful energy at this party I co-host every Sat in L.A. I'd love for you all to come groove!! These videos are each different crowds on different Sat nights this year, but it always get this joyful because our formula works and it would be easy to replicate it across the U.S. and world:

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