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I barely ever danced until I studied the origins of music for my book, a guide to jamming on instruments as a fun, meditative, stress-release. (Jamming saved my life as a young man and landed me on OPRAH, as I explain here.)  The research eventually led me to create NATURAL shoe soles for sneakers to enable fun NATURAL motions for dancing. Inspired by James Brown's shoe soles, I made the first pair of Groove shoes to have fun at a concert, and they changed my life forever. Now I LOVE getting everyone groovin' everywhere I go by dancing with such a fun carefree spirit that it rubs off on them. Please watch this video below where I dance with strangers in the streets. My dream is to help spread that kind of contagious joy around the world. To learn more about Groove Soles, please check out 

I made the first pair for my 2009 Halloween costume: NBA star Chris "Birdman" Andersen. A year later we shot this funny remix of this classic Nike ad:

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