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Dear TOMS,


You are the greatest company / movement on Earth: spreading the spirit of giving, and inspiring countless other companies to innovate benevolent business models as well.


What if we could also spread a contagious spirit of joy along the way?


For example, what if the end of each workday on giving trips culminated with fun little dance celebrations between all the local villagers & TOMS teams?  


Video of all the joyful faces would inspire countless smiles by viewers around the world, and it would help spread a positive-energy movement to get the world dancing for fun without judging oneself or others. 

My dream is to get the world groovin' for fun, health, and happiness. Every day. Music is an innate source of joy within all humans, but so many people today are inhibited by feeling "untalented" and scared of being judged. This unhealthy mindset didn't exist until the 20th century invention of radio & TV turned music into a big business, which led modern culture to start evaluating every kid's talent or lack thereof.

But the awesome truth we must promote is that just as everyone can exercise into better shape regardless of their athletic ability. EVERYONE can rock their soul into a better mood every day, regardless of musical ability. No talent required. No judging allowed. Just have fun. Just groove. 

Rockin' for fun without judgment--- even just 10 minutes a day --- is the next major wellness movement like fitness, yoga, and meditation. 50 years ago, the general public did none of those things, but now they're mainstream activities every day. Music is next, but we must teach the truth and BE the change we wish to see.


I didn't even dance until I was 35, but now I love spreading contagious joy to people like I do in the VIDEOS BELOW. (Oh, and the only reason I'm not dancing in TOMS shoes yet is because you don't make my size 15 yet, lol!!)


It would be a dream come true for me to help TOMS deliver aid all day on giving trips, then, at the end of each workday, start fun little dance celebrations to get everyone groovin'. And I can teach TOMS' teams the keys to doing it in more locations without me.

I'd love to teach TOMS (and the world) the amazing science of music's ancient origins & modern health benefits for ALL people. This info changed my life by inspiring me to start dancing at age 35, and it can change the world when everyone learns it. Like most people today, I used to be too self-conscious to dance, but if I can change, anyone can.

Please watch the first video below of me spreading joy to strangers in the streets of Long Beach. We initially shot this an undercover Groove shoe video, but it's really about spreading a spirit of joy, which the world urgently needs these days to reduce tensions & promote unity.


Below that are clips from a funky soul music party I co-host every Sat night in LA. I'd love for you all to come experience the joy there & discuss how we might be able to spread the uplifting power of music in the world. The crowd is very TOMS (20's, socially conscious, diverse), and you will have a blast!! Come groove!!  


 Robert Corbett (Tyler Ramsey's roommate in LA when we moved here from college 20 years ago, lol.)


BELOW: feel the joyful energy at Funky Sole, a party I co-host every Sat night in LA. I dance onstage to help get the crowd rocking like this, though you can't see it here because I was filming on my phone (pardon the low-light video). The crowd is very TOMS (20's, socially conscious, diverse), and I'd love for you all to come feel this energy this Saturday & discuss spreading it!!

Come groove this Sat night!! And if you'd like to see more, each Funky Sole video below is from a different night with a different crowd, but we always take'em to the same level of joyful energy!! And finally, below that is me talking from the heart about this movement.

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