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Here is the 1-minute promo video for my book,
and below this is a bunch of videos mentioned in the book:

This video shows the climax of my book in the final chapter:

Sliding with kids in China! Page 278 in the book:

Me on Bill Maher, Oprah, and Fox News, as discussed in my book:

Very proud of this video, which is discussed on page 279 of the book:

We made the 1st pair of Groove Shoes for my 2009 Halloween costume--- NBA
star Birdman Andersen --- then filmed this for fun in 2011. (See pages 223 & 247)

This is some people's favorite video I ever did. So much joy. (See pages 232 & 255)

Here's how we cobble Groove Soles to sneakers. (See pages 223 & 234)

Groove Shoes Soles launch party. (Page 302 in the book.)

Great testimonials from famous EDM shufflers. (Page 308 in the book.)

World of Dance fans trying on Groove Shoes. (Page 308 in the book.)

My first great gig after 18 years of failed attempts. (See page 249.)

Just a fun house party gig in Charleston. (See final chapter in book.)

Men's Fitness Presentation, one of my favorites! (Page 253 in the book.)

Another classic video of spontaneous joy with strangers. (Page 326 in the book.)

The story behind this vid is on page 330 of the book:

2016. Rocking the first stage I ever bombed on in 1993. (See pages 29 & 334)

Page 335:

Good story on page 337 about this unexpected gig in McMinnville, Tennessee:

The story behind this funny video is on page 252:

"Jedi Groove" with the lightstick guitar-pick I discuss on page 140:

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