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I'm on a mission to spread happiness by groovin' with people across America as I move from Los Angeles to Charleston SC. Here's DAY 1 at the Grand Canyon:

DAY 2.  Stopped in Albuquerque NM for a few minutes to film a groove on my way to Texas. No one was around but this friendly soul who was down to groove:

DAY 3. "Jamarillo in Amarillo." I walked in & asked "Got a band tonight? No? Well I'm a one-man jam band. Let's rock." Here's a SnapChat I found of it:

These fans in Amarillo TX made my night, lol:

DAY 4. Sliding into my homecoming reunion at SMU in Dallas TX:

That night, at The Green Elephant (f.k.a. The Rhythm Room), I rocked the first stage I ever played on when I was 19:

DAY 5. Jamming with my friends' 4 young boys in Dallas. We were all sliding around before this too. Here's one of many fun moments that day:

DAY 7. Performed at Tulsa Dream Center for disadvantaged youth. Took a minute to get'em going, but I got'em!!

Played a game of "keepaway" with my microphone, lol:

DAY 8. Sliding by the Tulsa Oil Man to music by Tulsan musician JJ Cale:

NIGHT 8. Little Rock Arkansas. My old college friends trying on Groove shoes. The one in the buttondown shirt is a high school principal gettin' funky, lol:

DAY 9. Sliding thru Little Rock:

I went to North Little Rock Police Dept to try to meet "dancing cop" Officer Tommy Norman whom I posted this viral video about in July, but it was his day off:

DAY 9. Groovin' in Memphis on Beale Street:

DAY 10. Groovin' in Nashville. America needs more friendly energy like this, so #JustGroove because #MusicUnites:

NIGHTS 10 & 11. Rocked this gig in McMinnville TN & they loved it so much they asked me to stay & play again the next night. I wish I had video of my jamming & dancing combined because that's what people love the most:

NIGHT 14. Groovin' with kids in Asheville NC:

DAY 15. Jamming with my friends' baby in Asheville NC:

Sliding into Charleston SC:

Groovin' in L.A. before this trip:

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