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Hi, our mutual friend Graeden said we should connect, so I made this page to show you my story & product. As you'll see below in my Oprah video when I was a young author back in 1999, playing guitar to vent my stress & anger saved my soul from a bad path in life. Ever since then, my mission is to help people become happier & healthier by having more fun with music in their lives. Just as everyone can exercise their body into better shape regardless of their athletic ability, EVERYONE can rock their soul into a better mood regardless of musical ability. Just have fun. Just Groove. When I started writing a book about this mission, my research on the ancient origins of music led me to invent Groove shoes to make dancing easier & more fun for everyone. How? Imagine if your most comfortable running shoes had smooth bottoms like your cowboy boots do; the combination feels amazing. See my product video below titled "Why People Need & Enjoy Our Smooth Soles." I am a pro musician who does shoes on the side. The first video below shows me dancing across America a few months ago, spreading joy to strangers, even though I didn't even dance until inventing Groove shoes changed my life. Groove shoes are the first product in my larger vision to help millions of people become happier & healthier by having fun with music more easily & more often.

This next video is my Oprah / Bill Maher reel back when music saved my life in 1999. The 1st half is funny, and the 2nd half is heavy, but not nearly as heavy as my essay about this in Huffington Post

Everything else below is about Groove shoes, which were inspired by my musical idol James Brown. The first video below explains the product, and then the next 2 videos show fitness applications for the shoes. I made all of this stuff by myself. I look forward to talking with y'all. Thanks. Rob Corbett

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